The real estate evolution

At Mudafy, we are reinventing the way people buy and sell their homes in Latin America.


Mudafy is a tech-enabled real estate broker for LatAm that makes it easy for people to buy and sell their homes. We remove the hassle from real estate transactions by introducing technology in each step of the process. This allows us to be efficient as well as deliver a superior customer experience.

We've grown a lot since we started in Buenos Aires in 2019, and today we're operating in Mexico and Argentina, doing over $200m in annualized transaction value.

We're a hardworking team of problem-solvers, developers, agents and strategists with a shared passion for helping people find their home. We're backed by Founders Fund, YCombinator and other top investors.


The process of buying a home is time-consuming, complex and mostly offline

Massive, fragmented market

A $20B market only in commissions with 100,000s of brokers. Yet no MLS, no public data.

Broken customer experience

The industry NPS is -40 and most brokers rely on a business process created last century, providing a subpar experience.

Time-consuming & complex process

Believe it or not, people may have to deal with over 10 parties just to schedule a single day of showings.

What have we done?

We've rebuilt the entire real estate stack

Integrated end-to-end marketplace

Built an MLS-style marketplace with over 50,000 properties and 1M MAUs paired with Mudafy's top performing agents.

Superior & unique technology

Developed a customized CRM as well as tools to make our agents 10x more efficient while ensuring a great customer experience.

Data-powered culture

From user acquisition, listings suggestions to process improvements, everything at Mudafy is powered by data.

How are we doing?

Not bad... well, actually great.


Largest broker in terms of active listings in the regions we cover in Mexico and Argentina and over 1M MAUs.


month-over-month transaction growth since 2020


higher agent efficiency compared to the industry


A successful team beats
with one heart

We are a team of over 300 people made up of different nationalities, backgrounds and experiences with a shared passion for helping people find their home.

Backed by Founders Fund, YCombinator, among other top investors.

How did it start?

Our story

Mudafy started in 2019, but it's the result of a decade of building products for the real estate industry during our nights and weekends.


The beginning: Siprop launch
While studying in the university, we started Siprop, a SaaS for real estate brokers to create their websites. Later it became a CRM for brokers to manage leads and sales.


Next step: La Gran Inmobiliaria launch
We realized Siprop's customers had a large pain: they needed more leads. With over 30 customers and 1,000 listings, we realized we could build a marketplace to help them acquire more leads. And that's how La Gran Inmobiliaria started.

2012 - 2018

Learnings... tons of them
In spite of only dedicating nights and weekends, Siprop and La Gran Inmobiliaria became successful bootstrapped businesses:
  • Siprop grew to 5% market share of brokers of Buenos Aires and was acquired by OLX.
  • La Gran Inmobiliaria grew to more than 700k active listings across four countries with over 250k MAUs - and yes, all organic!

Over time we saw two recurring themes: people who were frustrated while trying to buy, sell and rent a home as well as brokers who were struggling to stay up to date with technology.


Mudafy starts!
Someone had to solve this problem end-to-end. We finally quit our day jobs and started Mudafy.

June 2019

YCombinator backed us!
After doing our first transactions, YC backed us to become the largest proptech in LatAm.

2020 & 2021

To win LatAm, Mexico was next
We launched in Mexico City in June, in the middle of the pandemic. Since then, with over 50,000 properties for sale in our marketplace, we have become the largest tech-enabled real estate broker in terms of listings.

We have done over 10,000s showings of properties, closed multiple hundreds of transactions and partnered up with over 500 real estate brokers. And to top it all off, we also expanded to a new markets inside Mexico.


We are just getting started 🚀
We are doing over 100 transactions per month and have big and bold plans next, which include becoming the largest proptech in Mexico and the rest of LatAm.